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Train to Paris
By: Student Traveler (justin) 2011.12.28

From students who obsess over Derrida's Of Grammatalogy to tourists who wonder why the French don't pronounce half the consonants in each word, everyone enjoys the city where, by decree of law, buildings don't exceed six stories (so that all have sunshine). Though Parisians may English (speak in English when you speak in French), this city pulls through for those who let themselves indulge in the sensory snapshots around every corner - the aroma of a boulangerie, the gleam of bronze balcomines, the buzz of a good 2 bottle of red, the jolt of the new fave Metro line 14. For all its hype-up snobbery (and yes, the waiters are judging you), Paris is open to those willing to wander. The truth is, theis city will charm and bitchslap you with equal gusto, but don't get too le tired - by your third or fourth cincere attempt at s'il vous plait, even the waiters soften up. Stick around long enough, and you'll be able to tell the fous from the foux de fa fa, the Lavazza from the Illy, and the meta hipster bars from the wanna-be meta hipster bars. Et puis, we'll see who's judging whom. Buy the Let's Go Europe 2011

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