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Paris to Blois
By: Student Traveler (justin) 2011.12.28

The opposite of blah, Blois (blwah: pop 51,000) is the hidden gem of the Loire Valley, and the perfect excuse for a few days or explorations and medieval meddling. Indulge your inner Disney princess with a waltz through the incredible Chateau that overlooks the Loire River, then hit the local bars for a night you'll never forget. The culinary offerings span a variety of palates, with an emphasis on traditional (and even medieval), French food. Though you shouldn't expect to find any banging clubs with massive crowds here, French 2 something kick back and bask in the sun outside numerous bars and cafes in the town's main squares. So if you're looking for a knight in shining arrmor, rather than a night on the town, Blois also serves as your Camelot crashpad and chateau launch pad -it's close to Chambord and Cheverny. Buy the Let's Go Europe 2011

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